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Frequently Asked Questions



When is NMRiH2 coming out?

We’re a bit behind our original plans thanks to natural disasters, but we’re aiming to do Early Access by early 2019.

Will it be free, or will it cost money?

We’re currently aiming for $20 USD. Our goal is to include all subsequent content updates to be released as expansions, free of charge to all players who bought the game.

What Engine will NMRiH2 be using?

No More Room in Hell 2 will be using the Unreal® Engine 4.

I want to be a tester! When and how can I apply to be a tester?

We aren’t quite ready for external testers, but when we’re close we’ll make a public post on our Facebook, Discord and Steam Community page! It will start as a limited opportunity, but we will probably expand it over time once testing is underway.

Will NMRiH2 run on my potato/alarm clock/apple watch/soup bowl? 

Now, none of this is official or locked down but at this time (Nov 2018), however, you should probably have at least 2Ghz multi-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 1GB GPU (DX11 ideal but not required), and of course a decent network connection. Since this is 2018, it is unlikely that NMRiH2 will run well on PCs with specs well below those listed.

Will it be on consoles?

At this time no, however, we have discussed a potential XBL and PSN release in the future. If the game does well and the demand is there, then we could do it!

Will there be different zombie variants in NMRiH2?

Yes! We are keeping with our “realistic” approach (i mean… as real as zombies can be) and shying away from making the zombies feel like demons or monsters with superpowers. We are aiming to show a realistic progression of our zombie virus. We will have Runners which are freshly infected, Walkers which are the middle stage, and Shamblers which are the final stage. Each stage has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own attributes which affect their behavior and movement. We will still have children, crawling zombies, zombies with body armor, and more!

Will there be a story/campaign mode?

So far we are focusing on the core “survival” mode which is the basic fundamentals of the game. Adding in a story and turning it into a campaign is merely a formality after that. We are going to focus on fleshing out the core mode first and when that is done, the anticipated plan is that we will begin building anthology story modules as free Expansions once the game is out. This way we can focus on building the whole game experience and post-launch we can focus on story, campaign, and time-consuming things like dialogue recording, facial animation, detailed motion capture, etc.

Will there be human NPCs?

That’s the current plan! We have numerous archetypes for NPC survivors designed, we’ve detailed their personality traits and even a form of an “alignment” system which guides how they deal with interacting with players. This is all part of our stretch goals, as they are not currently a focus of ours at this time, but the plans for them exist 🙂

Is there a dev blog or something?

Yes! Head on over to