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Introducing New Members: Cal, Muit, and Hawk

We’re excited to introduce you all to our three new members: Cal, Muit, and Hawk. Each of them has distinct roles to help us get NMRiH2 to where we’d like it to be. To get to know them better, we’ve asked them a few questions about their role and who they are.

Cal, the man of many words, starts us off.


What do you do for the team?
Programming. My area is mainly working on gameplay, but we’re too early into this so nothing specific on that.

What excites you most about NMRiH2 and it’s future?
Having a proper co-op FPS game to play especially where teamwork actually matters.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?
Does it belong anywhere? (Pineapple lumps, are the exception, not the rule)

What’s one thing you aim to accomplish in the next three months?
I don’t have an answer for this one, I just can’t think of anything


Muit, our fancy boy with extra hands.


What do you do for the team?
I focus on gameplay systems and narrative development, that’s what I’m most comfortable with, but sometimes extra hands are needed for other tasks, and I have no problem doing those too!

What excites you most about NMRiH2 and it’s future?
I have worked with a lot of genres, but never got in touch with zombies. It’s very exciting to work on a game that does this very well and knows how to entertain millions. I think that’s a big enough reason, isn’t it?

What’s a cringe-worthy thing to happen recently that you can share with us?
Well, not recently, but a few years ago I gave a talk about Unreal Engine, and said “fancy” a couple hundred times in half an hour For me, that is pure cringe. (Note: Actually, that’s more or less what cringe means right? Haha)

What’s one thing you aim to accomplish in the next three months?
Implementing the narrative system for story progression. That’s the main task I’m working on and subdivides on a lot of smaller systems so I will enjoy it a lot.


And finally, Hawk. Our resident birdman.


What do you do for the team?
I’m an Environment Artist, I create art assets and do the world building. The tricky part though is making everything feel believable, giving it that good ‘lived-in’ feeling. That’s what I strive to do, bring a bit of storytelling to the environments, so when players get a breather from battling the undead hordes they can have a look around and piece together what happened in the location they’re standing.

What excites you most about NMRiH2 and it’s future?
A replayable horror experience is something I’ve long dreamt of. I think we’re finding that sweet spot between the often aimless open world survival where you wander around without a real goal and eventually get bored of surviving and that of a crafted linear experience where everything is great, but you would probably never replay it since you know all the beats. And for the future, I am excited about the community getting to play it, sharing their feedback, and helping us finely tune the game to find that perfect balance.

Would you rather have to wear socks that are eternally wet, or would you rather eat only cold hot dogs for the rest of your life?
Bring on the wet socks! I love pizza too much (as my Adonis-like figure demonstrates) to possibly go on eating only cold hot dogs.

What’s one thing you aim to accomplish in the next three months?
Within three months, I would like the Night of the Living Dead map to be in a fully playable state. Not necessarily final art, but something we can test and get a proper feel for the game and the art.


Hawk, being the good-looking man of the environmental arts that he is has treated us with a few shots of his latest work to keep you all on your toes.

Gas Station:
“Gas Station
“Gas Station

Saw Mill:
“Saw Mill
“Saw Mill
“Saw Mill

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming up soon. We’re excited to share even more with you in the next month.


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  • Brandon Holmes
    July 11, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    Welcome Cal, Muit, and Hawk! Excited to see what you guys and the rest of the NMRIH2 team have in store for us.

    Hawk – Nice work! With just pictures I’m already imagining stories for each scene. Like the gas station……

    It’s a high-crime area so this gas station has a police dispatch as security (hence the police car parked on the side). During the initial outbreak the store owner and police officer are attacked. The officer radios for backup. 45mins later a second police car arrives on the scene (The one at the pump, but in my mind it would be pulled up straight in front of the store entrance, with it’s lights still on like the officer was responding to an emergency). The officer finds the assailant (shot dead) behind the counter, the store owner on the ground (shot dead), and his partner sitting down against the wall struggling to breathe. As he approaches he notices that the injured officer is breaking out in sweat, a fever maybe? The responding officer attempts to make him comfortable by carrying him into the employee break room, laying him on the counter, and preparing a wet wash cloth. He places the rag over his head and sets a glass of water next to him for when he comes to. Puzzled by the lack of any fatal wounds besides a couple scratches to his arm, the responding officer heads back into the store to search for a weapon. As he searches there is a surge of radio chatter. Talks of; civilians resisting arrests, officers being assaulted, shots fired, and other confusion. He continues to search for the weapon, but then he hears a loud crash coming from the break room. The door, being shut, begins to thud as if someone is trying to leave. The officer, while startled at first, becomes relieved that his partner is okay and that he must’ve knocked over the water. With his guard down, the officer opens the door…

    “Boy am I glad to see you Morales something weird is going…on……!”

    Keep on rocking!

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